Saturday, October 24, 2009

Solving Teen Acne Problems Naturally

Do you want to have beautiful healthy skin forever? Are you just plain SICK of this bacteria infected, self esteem eating problem that so many of us have? If you have acne and desperately need to get rid of it you have definitely, definitely, come to the right place!!! On this site we will be showing you why your skin acts like it does, how you can fix it with simple solutions that are actually, when you think about them, quite logical, and why most of the products on the market really don’t work.

So you have acne right? And you want to know what you should do about it right? Well you’ve come to the RIGHT place! The goal of this site is to help you get and maintain a healthy body! And a healthy body = a healthy soul and mind! and ALSO healthy blemish free skin!
Now, the first thing you should know is that your not the only one with this horrible self-esteem eating problem, MANY people have it, (just take a look around).
Even I used to have bad skin but determination, dedication, desire, drive, and discipline have got me out of my bacteria infected skin! So, I thought to myself, hey If I know things that maybe others don’t I should share it with them so they can experience the same joy of accomplishment and satisfaction that I felt when my skin became clear 
Now, I’m not just goina talk about acne, Ill Talk about lots of different healthy things and lots of ways to prevent very unpleasant unhealthy things from happening to our ever so changing toxic bodies. Now I know lots of people don’t like to read but this isn’t just any old reading, its real and its helpful to you. Things you can benefit from if you take them positively. Ill tell you what you most likely need to do, give you information on how to do it, and also help you through it. I will provide links to other websites that have natural organic healing products which I have used and judged accordingly. I will also provide new and helpful information whenever I find it because I am just such a gracious and generous caring person. Now, if you don’t like the info. I give, good for you, I don’t care, get off my site, and keep your opinions to yourself. Unless of course it’s a question that needs answering that I haven’t already answered or if by some magical chance that my info is wrong and needs correcting. But its not, So nevermind.
Ok, so to start off, finally, I’m first going to talk about zits, pimples, acne, whatever ya wanna call it. Here is the definition for those of you who don’t know. (even though…… I think its pretty universal..) but some people aren’t the brightest bulbs so, here it is.

• Acne: a disorder of the skin caused by inflammation of skin glands and hair follicles and marked by pimples especially on the face.

• Pimple: a small swelling of the skin often containing pus.

• THE CAUSE OF ACNE: well, I guess the definition kinda pointed that out already. But let’s put it in simpler terms that we can understand... The cause of acne is most often different for everyone. It can be genetic, or caused by too much stress, or by the spreading of bacteria, or the way you eat, improper cleansing, or the use of wrong products with harmful ingredients.

But most often acne is caused because, when a new hair follicle wants to come out it normally produces oil to keep your skin soft and moisturized, but all good things must come to an end, the oil combines with the dead cells on your skin and blocks further oil from coming out, meanwhile the sebaceous gland on the bottom of the follicle still makes oil, but because it cant come out it just stays there and continues producing until eventually it builds up and attracts so much bacteria that it becomes a nasty little pimple that everyone loves to hate.

Now, here’s the danger in explaining acne so simply, when most people read the above explanation they think, well, uh, if the reason I have acne is just cause a bunch a dumb ol’ dead skin cells it should be pretty easy to clear it up all I gotta do Is get rid of the dead cells! But- that most often is not the case. You see, there are many things that contribute to acne its not just the dead cells, while that is what starts the acne, there’s always bacteria that spread it and make it much, much more miserably worse. So, you might think that you can just clean it all off a bunch a times by scrubbing really hard and loosening up your clogged pores, and getting rid of the bacteria, but harsh scrubbing is just plain unkind to your poor skin and it doesn’t even help! It just spreads and worsens the condition by like a jillion times.
Another thing that worsens acne is when people pop their zits. The reason popping is so terrible is first of all because we ALWAYS and I mean always, have bacteria on our fingers. Even if we just wash our hands the bacteria remains and when we pop the zit the bacteria from our fingers spreads to the zit, and THEN, something really sick happens. We get the bacteria from the popped zit on our fingers and then we go pop another zit and that bacterium goes from one to another and so on and so forth and a few days later we have worse acne than ever before. Pretty gross right, oh and then the worst part is when we pop, we don’t even get all the dang gunk out! Like half comes out and half goes back in so after all that work of popping the only result is a massive spread of bacteria and a worsened case of ugly. And, yes its hard not to pop those dreadful things but just don’t do it. If you must, go to an esthetician and have them give you a facial where they use a special tool that gets all the pus out and doesn’t spread the bacteria.